2009 – Michelle’s 16th Christmas

Ten years ago! A lot has happened since then, epitomized by the most memorable gift of 2009, which was the announcement that we were going to be grandparents. Michelle was pretty excited to become an aunt, and she’s turned out to be a great one.

You may have discovered that it’s difficult to find gifts once children have grown past the toy stage. This is the year we experimented with a family cruise as the Christmas present for our teenagers. Now that we were down to two, it was a bit more budget-friendly. We had a nice time on our weekend jaunt to the Bahamas in January, (which you can read about here), and they especially enjoyed the all-you-can-eat food, but we also decided that a cruise vacation is better suited for married couples, not teen-aged siblings. What do you think?

Christmas Eve Dinner

I don’t know if this was the first year we had a Costco chocolate cake for our Christmas dinner, but at least this year I took a picture of it. I also took a picture of the finished dessert plates, something that I think Michelle will appreciate more now than she did then.

Christmas Eve Music

Opening Gifts

Resting and Relaxing on Christmas Day

So, this was a typical Christmas with fun and food and family, including a missionary phone call. You can read all about the other activities from Christmas break – which included the beach and the temple and more than one hike – over here.

Weston’s 16th Christmas – Sorry there’s not much there!