Because Christmas is such a big deal, it’s going to get a longer countdown! This is mainly for Megan, but anyone else is welcome to check in to watch Weston grow up. Yes, our great big 25-year-old has had 25 Christmases. Doesn’t that work out perfectly – one year for each pre-holiday day in December?? If I feel so inclined, I just may do some journaling with the picture, but don’t hold your breath. Merry Christmas!

So, here we go.
1983 – Weston’s first Christmas

One advantage to not having a fireplace, or any other place to hang stockings, is that they’re easily accessible to crying babies! Someone wanted candy right away!! Doesn’t the Contac Paper in the stocking look like a fun toy??? Actually, I think we used it to cover cardboard boxes to use for his toys. And there’s the sleeping bag (actually there were two of them) that we still use when we go camping. Merry Christmas to us!