For the past couple of years, Wayne’s company has made a deal with a local hotel to provide reduced rates for their employees on the night of their Christmas dinner, supposedly because there’s an open bar and they want to reduce the number of drunk drivers on the road.  That’s not a problem for us, but it provides a good excuse for a mini-stay-cation.  This year’s hotel was The Breakers. We thoroughly enjoyed our little get away!
It’s a gorgeous building on impeccable grounds with a beautiful view of the ocean, and it was decorated so perfectly for Christmas.

We lucked out and were given an upgraded room, which meant we could actually see the ocean from our window.  (They called it a “partial view” room.)

Although I love cooking, any time I don’t have to is a special treat.  And when it’s at a fancy restaurant, that’s even better.  Wayne’s been to the Flagler Steakhouse several times on business and decided that it was time to share that experience with me.  The food was delicious, and pretty too.

Wayne also decided this would be the perfect place to host Michelle’s wedding reception (hopefully that day is still a ways in the future!) – a covered second-story pavilion overlooking the ocean.  I tried finding out how much money we’d have to save to do that, and couldn’t find the information any where.  That tells me it’s going to be way more than he wants to spend!  But it would be gorgeous.

There’s just something so relaxing about watching the waves go in and out, and in and out! In fact, it’s enough to make you fall asleep. A mid-morning nap is definitely out of the ordinary.
The culminating event of our weekend of extravagance was the actual company party.  It was held at the Everglades Club, which looks like a nondescript little place on some side street away from downtown.  However, inside it was spacious and elegant.  The rooms were absolutely beautiful and the food was nothing short of amazing edible art, and it was delicious too!

It was fun seeing how other people spend their days, but I wouldn’t want to do it all of the time.  I’m very content with my regular life.  And I’m grateful I feel that way!