It was a gorgeous spring day, which means I took lots of pictures. However, I’m doing better (I think) at not going overboard with the camera clicking. You’ll see that we didn’t have to get our ankles wet on this hike, another plus in my book!

This time we drove past the parking lot to start our hike at the other end – Mack Dairy Road – and we went on the last loop north of the Old Indiantown Road.

Not far down the old road, we turned off into the forest, and enjoyed a beautiful little trail through the trees.

After a while, we turned again onto an old little-used pathway that was lined with beautiful spring wildflowers.

And even a beautiful bromeliad or two.

Here are a couple of other interesting things we saw. First a rusted old feeding trough.

Then, I thought I saw a pond apple tree, but someone played a trick on us. It was just a regular apple stuck on a tree limb.

There was a little overlook near the beginning of this three-mile loop which we checked out at the beginning and the end. The scenery didn’t change much, but it did change. Don’t you agree that it was a gorgeous day?