We’ve had a few awards nights on the calendar lately! We may be biased, but our students have worked hard and we feel they deserve the recognition they received!

Each high school in the county chose one male and one female to honor as a Scholar-Athlete. Here’s Jeff with Maggie and their principal at the awards banquet. The audience was particularly impressed when Eagle Scout was mentioned.

A little later, the high school had their awards ceremony. Steven received the award for top 9th grade math student, a result of taking both Geometry and Algebra II this year and helping his math league team score well at their competitions.

Jeff also got to walk across the stage a few times that evening.
Then it was Michelle’s turn. She also participated on her math league team, probably because her teachers expected Steven’s little sister to do so, but she had fun too. However, her main interest is music. She did a great job on her solo at the end-of-the-year concert. (Unfortunately, Mom didn’t do a great job pushing the button to record it!) Then, for the second year in a row, she was awarded the Director’s Trophy, for performance above and beyond the class requirements (show choir, master musician, All-County and All-State choruses, etc.). Dad thinks she ought to keep singing!