Rain was in the forecast, but we really wanted to get to the beach again, and it looked like if we went early we could avoid the rain, so we did. And then it turned out to be a beautiful day – not a lot of sun, but warm and dry. No complaints from us! Aunt Megan and the boys joined us and the cousins had lots of fun playing together.

One granddaughter loves playing in the ocean waves, another doesn’t. Fortunately, playing in sand is fun too. (Note – it was a big deal to get as close to the water as she did!)
Little man enjoyed the water and the sand. And then the cousins arrived! This is now their local beach, so they knew exactly what to do.
Time for the traditional “Bury the Kids” activity!
Once we had a picture of all of them, it was a race to the sea to wash off. A couple of them were stuck, and needed some extra help getting unburied!
Being buried in sand is so much fun, some of them had to do it again!
You can see the clouds did lift a bit, and we even had a few minutes of shadow, but after a couple of hours in the water, it was time to rinse off, head to the playground across the street, and eat some lunch.




Pirate ship structure!
and even trees!

We picked Loggerhead Beach so that we’d have the option of touring the marine center if it did rain. So, even though we had spent plenty of time at the beach and playground, we popped in to see the turtles before heading home.

This is Topsy. If you look closely, you can see the belt holding his shell, or carpace, in place while it heals. You can read more about his progress on the Marine Center’s website here. They even have some live webcams on other turtles.

We said good-bye to the cousins and headed home. You would think that after the beach, the playground and the museum, we would have had enough fun for one day, but you’d be incorrect! Since the kids all fell asleep on the 40 minute drive, the adults decided stopping at the pool would be a great way to wake them up and tire them out for bedtime. It was a short visit, but a fun one.

What a jam-packed, fun and memorable day of vacation!