Brad’s birthday often occurs during Spring Break. This year was no exception. And since he was spending part of his Spring Break visiting us, that meant we got to help him celebrate. His first (It would have been my favorite!) gift was the opportunity to sleep in while we kept the girls busy downstairs.

After coloring some special signs and getting a Dinette Cake mixed and in the oven, we worked on making crepes, which I learned are the birthday breakfast of choice in their family. I think that’s a great tradition!

The original plan for the day was to spend time at our community pool. Our family from Montana, which left below freezing temperatures behind, wasn’t going to let a little rain stop them from swimming, so they didn’t. It was kind of nice to have the entire pool to ourselves!

At home again, I had some great assistants to help prepare the birthday dinner, but I didn’t get the camera out for everything. Just imagine the fun stuff we can make when they’re a bit older!

We decided on Sunday that the best time to get a picture of both families would be before the birthday dinner, so once the cousins arrived, we corralled everyone and took a few photos. Look at these cute kids, and that’s not all of them. We’re so blessed!

Everyone was quite pleased with the birthday boy’s menu selections. Silence from six young children is a pretty amazing thing; you can credit the Whoopie Pies for that rare occurrence.
I wasn’t sure the original dessert request – Boston Cream Pie – would be enough to serve everyone, so asked him for a favorite cookie; hence, the Whoopie Pies – oh, and ice cream, too!

The day ended with a bit of relaxation. I love that one of the favorite toys for our grandchildren is the set of nesting eggs that Wayne brought home from Poland years ago. Balloons are also always a hit. Yet the highlight was sharing the little video of their baby cousin reading an instruction manual. We’re looking forward to visiting that granddaughter in a couple of months. Maybe we’ll celebrate her daddy’s birthday a few days early so we can have some more birthday fun with an adult son.