This little tutorial has been setting in my Drafts folder for years! Now we no longer have students at home who need to cover their school books. However, maybe I have some friends who have that task ahead of them this week. I imagine most students going back to school after winter break won’t have classes with new books, but there might be some. If you find yourself in that situation, here’s what you can do.

First, gather your supplies. You need a book, a brown paper grocery sack, and some tape. We found that clear packing tape worked well.

Cut a slit down the center of the front of the bag.

Then cut off the bottom.

Unless you want the writing on the bag to show, have that on the inside.

Fold up the bottom of the long edge of the bag a couple of inches or so.

Place the book along that bottom edge, then make a crease where the top edge meets.

Fold that down.

Fold the left side in 2-3 inches and slip the front cover of the book into the little pocket you just made.

Close the book.

Make a crease where the paper sack meets the edge on the right side of the book.

Fold that in.

If it’s more than about 3 inches, cut it down a bit.

Put the back cover into that little pocket.

Technically, you’re finished.

However, paper wears out quickly, so we usually reinforced all the corners with tape.

Place a piece of tape that’s about 4 inches long on the corner, like so.

Than fold it over onto the inside.

You can also put some tape along the long edges if you so desire.

And, of course, you can always decorate your newly covered book so you know which one it is. But I didn’t take a picture of that!!