Who names these trails?  I can just imagine the comments we would have gotten if we had taken this trail 10-15 years ago!  But this was a nice relaxing one compared to climbing to the top of Mount LeConte.  And we picked the correct direction (counter-clockwise) to hike as far as the ups and downs went.
Start at the Caldwell Fork Trail – in the Cataloochee section of the park.
We hadn’t gone far when we noticed this warning sign!
The sign was correct – the bridge was down!  But we decided to cross anyway.
Over the years the creek will get wider and deeper, and Michelle will always be indebted to Jeff for carrying her across!!!
Lots of shade!  It was a gorgeous day.
And the scenery was beautiful as well.
Final count – 6 people and 16 bridges.  This trail isn’t nearly as popular as some others in the park!
Final step of any hike: highlighting the map to record that it’s completed!