Clam Wontons

I copied this recipe from someplace (sorry I have no clue where) about 3 years ago, and we decided it was "very good." Since I bought more wonton wrappers than what I needed for the [...]

Classic Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise Sauce Stir 2 egg yolks, slightly beaten, and 2 tablespoons lemon juice vigorously and set aside. Cut 1/2 cup of cold, salted butter into 8-12 chunks. Add water to the [...]

Dutch Oven Chicken

I think everything that Wayne cooks from his Dutch Oven Cookbook is a success. This one was no different. It was a little time consuming - and very high calorie! - but definitely delicious. [...]

Pineapple Punch

Here's our standard party punch - something that matches whatever color your theme is and doesn't stain the carpet red, yet still tastes delicious. It's also very forgiving - you don't have to measure anything [...]

Wayne’s Chicken Bites

Wayne wanted chicken wings served at the open house; I didn't want to deal with the mess of bones. So, we tried making his Special Dutch Oven Chicken Wings using chunks of boneless chicken breast. [...]

Party Kielbasa

When we were coming up with the wedding open house menu, Michelle said "Make those yummy things you made at Jeff's graduation open house." After some more questions, we figured out she was talking about [...]

Mini Quiches

I tore this recipe out of a grocery store ad ten years ago. Here's the introduction to the recipe: "Hey kids, Mother's Day is Sunday, and here's a tasty breakfast dish you can make for [...]

WFMW – Mother’s Day Idea

Works for Me Wednesday Helping the Kids Serve You Technically, it's supposed to be a backwards edition of Works-for-Me Wednesday, but thankfully today I don't have any questions! And this little tip won't be quite [...]