Cranberry Food Chain

This holiday season we finally did try Cody's Family Salad. As mentioned in that post, we didn't really care for it. Maybe it really wasn't meant to be served as a salad, but as a [...]

Christmas Fudge

  It's been a month since the Christmas baking, and now I'm trying to record my scribbles so I can remember next year what worked last year! Hooray for desk clean-up day!!   Ree's Fudge [...]

Rack of Lamb

If you're looking for a simple and impressive dinner entree, consider rack of lamb. It was the perfect choice for a festive Sunday dinner during the holiday season. It really is quite easy. Just mix [...]

Beef Wellington

Merry Christmas! For our celebratory dinner this year, I did remember to get the trimmed (vs. untrimmed) version of beef tenderloin. Since I couldn't decide between two new recipes, and since they each called for [...]

Corn Soufflé

This was served at the work pot luck and Wayne said it was so good he wants to have it at home someday. That sounds like a reasonable, and easily fulfilled, request (although I did [...]

Roasted Acorn Squash

Time to try something new again! This time it's roasted acorn squash, and that's pretty simple. Cut the squash in half (from top to bottom) and scrape out the seeds. Combine some melted butter and [...]

A Plethora of Pies

A decade ago I did a Thanksgiving countdown listing ten of our favorite (or not so favorite) pies, along with the family stories behind them. This year I did something similar, but on FaceBook, not [...]

A New Christmas Bark

I had some pretzels leftover from making Blessing Mix, so when I saw this recipe for Salted Caramel Pretzel Bars, I just had to try it. I'm sure the missionaries will be happy to help [...]