Apple Crumble Pie

Someone at church today gave us some apples they didn't need, so Wayne gets an apple pie for his dinner! Because I'm making it, even though he'd prefer a regular two-crust pie, he's getting a [...]

Dutch Oven Pot Pie

Earlier I wrote about the rabbit version of this recipe; today we're trying the beef version. Since it needs four cups of leftover beef roast, and since we don't have any of that, I needed [...]

Never Too Late?

While going through the never-ending piles of papers, I found a couple of cookie recipes I thought would be fun to add to the Christmas cookie platters. It didn't happen in December, but since the [...]

Dirty Rice

I really don't like this title, but apparently that's what this dish called. Anyone have a different suggestion? I was looking for something to use up the remainder of the chicken livers, originally purchased for [...]

Easy Caramel Sauce

I was assigned to bring some caramel sauce to our ice cream party the other day, so when I stumbled across this recipe that morning, it seemed meant to be to give it a try. [...]

Filete Capuchina

Filet of Tenderloin Capuchina - I guess that sounds better than Steak with Chicken Livers. However, "capuchina" supposedly means "nasturtium" and "chicken livers" should be "higados de pollo" so maybe there's another story behind this name. [...]

Roast Chicken

  Roast Chicken 6 shallots6 red potatoes3 carrots (in 1" pieces)1 tablespoon olive oil1 whole chicken5 cloves garlic2 lemons (quartered)3 sprigs fresh rosemary 3 sprigs fresh thyme Toss shallots, potatoes and carrots in olive oil, [...]