Skillet Bread

The other day while passing time scrolling through some social media feed, I came across this link to "The 15 Best Bread Recipes You Can Cook in a Cast Iron Skillet." Kind of a long [...]

Grenki a la Moi

I'm not sure how long the loaf of rye bread sat in our freezer, but it was long enough that it dried out in spots. While it was delicious in our Reuben sandwiches, I didn't [...]

Indecision Cookies

A while ago I posted a link to a cookie recipe that we quite liked; however, I didn't post the actual recipe. I've learned over the years that sometimes internet links disappear, and I want [...]

Roast Corned Beef

Although we've tried different variations over the years, our St. Patrick's Day corned beef has always been boiled. This year it wasn't, and we decided we really liked our corned beef roasted, and we'll probably [...]

Hot Crab Dip

When conducting our "lump vs white crab" experiment (see here), I opened a can of each type of crab, but then only used one. That meant I had to find another recipe to try! This [...]

Pizza Sauce Food Chain

I just enjoyed a delicious creamy tomato basil soup for lunch, and realized it didn't start out as soup originally, so wanted to document another "food chain" in case someone else is trying to figure [...]

More Using Things Up

While cleaning out the pantry, fridge and freezer, I noticed several items that needed to be used. Just in case you have the same things languishing in deep, dark places, here's how I took care [...]

Sunday’s Roast Pork

Slowly but surely, we're making our way down Wayne's list of holiday-worthy roasts, and we're not even waiting for special holidays. This one was called "Best Pork Roast" and while it's possible there are better [...]