Saturday birthdays can be a lot more fun than Wednesday birthdays. Just ask Wayne. Instead of spending the day doing projects around the house, we decided to go to the beach. Our beaches face east, so sunrises are prettier than sunsets. And even though it meant getting up at 5 AM, Birthday Girl was okay with having a breakfast picnic instead of a dinner one. (Good thing, because stake conference and babysitting were on the evening calendar. Besides, since the seminary alarm goes off at 4:30, she still got to sleep in!) Nature cooperated and provided the clouds for a gorgeous sunrise, which we enjoyed while eating donuts and chocolate milk. Simple is good. Then there was time for some exploring and swimming and reading and relaxing before those beautiful fluffy white clouds decided to turn into ominous gray rain clouds. We got soaking wet before everything was loaded in the car, but that just turns an ordinary outing into a memorable adventure! At home it was time for presents and cake. Unfortunately, Princess really doesn’t care for cake (a trait she inherited from her dad). Fortunately, we discovered a few years ago that cream puffs make excellent candle holders, because you still need to blow out candles on your birthday, even if all your brothers have left home and the birthday chorus has diminished in volume.

We hope she had a wonderful birthday! We’re definitely going to enjoy the next year. We love you Michelle!!!