Before we leave for the next big event in our family, I better finish the post on the last one!

After our pleasant stroll along the Brandywine Creek, we enjoyed relaxing at the house for the rest of Saturday.

Clark is a very new addition to the family, but Thomas the Dragon Tail Betta Fish (I think that’s the type) is an even newer one. We also tried getting a picture of the three boys in the elephant shirts Aunt Michelle sent them for Christmas. Getting Sam to sit still and smile at the camera continues to be a fun adventure. At least this time he was happy to smile at his little brother.

Does anyone have an explanation for why adults think children’s gifts should have animals on them? Just wondering.

Sunday was the special blessing day. We’re so grateful for the power of the priesthood and for eternal families. We’re especially grateful for the wonderful men our sons have become and for how beautifully they’re fulfilling their responsibility to raise the next generation, made possible because they each chose an awesome wife.

Megan’s parents are awesome, too, and it was great sharing this special day with them.

We created some beautiful memories and look forward to having many more such memory-making days in the future.
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