Originally I was going to make this Attribute #25 and share it last year, but I ran out of time to do this post justice so saved it for this year. Besides, Christmas Countdowns usually only last for 24 days. You’ll notice that I made another executive decision and posted Adeline’s trait before Wayne’s. We’re saving the best for last, even if it makes the oldest-to-youngest order a bit off.

Our engagement picture

I can’t talk about all of my wonderful family members – ancestors and descendants – and not recognize the most important one – my best friend and husband. I could come up with examples for each of the other characteristics in my experiences with Wayne, but just like everyone else, he also deserves his own and I pick dependability.

Busy, busy, busy!


Awesome adults!
I can depend upon him to be a good sport when it’s time to take pictures with a bunch of little kids. Hopefully we can get another one of these in the not too distant future! This particular one was outdated only two weeks later, and several more babies have joined our family since then.


I can depend upon him to complete his goals. He said he was going to make every recipe in this cookbook my grandmother gave me before we were married, and he did! The last one was a custard sauce to serve over vanilla cake.

He has a goal to hike every hike in every national park. We’re making progress. He did, however, complete every hike in Congaree National Park (and maybe a couple of the Utah parks as well).
He completed his education goals as well, even if it took a bit longer than desirable, because he was also working full-time and serving as Young Men’s President the entire time he worked on his M.B.A.
I can depend upon him to keep his promises. After spending a weekend at Machu Picchu during an extended business trip, he promised to take me there some day because it was just such an incredible place. He did.
This was a two day visit. The first rainy day we toured the ruins themselves. The next day, which fortunately was nice and sunny, we climbed Huayna Picchu and enjoyed the awesome view.
After that, and another extended business trip, this time in Paris, he promised me to take me to the Louvre. He did.
We made it to the Louvre, saw the Mona Lisa (among other things), and also enjoyed the additional sights, sounds, and tastes of Paris.
Next up is a trip to New York City!

I can depend upon him to lead our family spiritually. We had our very first family prayer the day we were married. We went to church that very first Sunday. We can count on one hand the number of Mondays we missed holding family night while the kids were at home (and beyond). He took charge of family scripture study and holding interviews with our children. He makes time to serve in the temple on a regular basis. He fulfills his church callings. I couldn’t ask for a better example.
Working with the Young Men to prepare Mother’s Day candy boxes.
I hope our children realize what a gift they were given to have this dad in their lives.* I’m grateful that I can depend upon each one of them to choose the right and be a good example. What a precious gift to us!


I can depend upon him to help make this Christmas the best ever, and I hope yours lives up to your expectations as well. Have a wonderful day tomorrow.
Merry Christmas from our house to yours! 
Last year’s attribute – Leadership
*I’m pretty sure they do. Here’s what one of them wrote in Wayne’s Father’s Day card this year:
“As a father you were very consistent and reliable and obedient to the command to hold family home evenings, family scripture study, and personal priesthood interviews. Each of these activities takes effort and usually costs a lot of patience when cooperation levels are low. Your firmness of mind pushed through those obstacles and now we enjoy the blessings and positive results of such habits.”