Contentment: Satisfaction, ease of mind, enough

1 Timothy 6:6
But godliness with contentment is great gain.

Mom’s first Christmas

Isn’t this precious? I imagine Mom has been content for a very long time, and she taught us to be content as well.

Judi – age 2


as a young teenager


Was it a picnic or were we camping? I love the retro orange clothes, but not as much as I love my mom’s contented smile.

One of our family Christmas traditions is making Rocky Road and I have fond memories of Mom supervising each of us as we made our own batch. Of course, the best part was licking the bowl. Who wouldn’t be content doing that?

Ooh! Chocolate marshmallows!

Unfortunately, Mom no longer cooks or bakes, and we’re content with that, but she can still share stories with her great-grandchildren. That’s probably more important anyway.

She’s the epitome of the phrase “Be content with where you are, but not content to stay there.” So, although she dropped out of college when she got married and then became a mother, she always had a desire to return and complete her degree. She started working on a Bachelor of Independent Studies when I started high school, and we graduated from BYU at the same time. We’ve talked recently in Relief Society about the difference between “divine discontent” and “paralyzing discouragement”; Mom showed me by example how to focus on the former and avoid the latter. (Oops, I guess that was a second story!)

Wayne and his brother graduated at the same time, too.

This nativity always reminds me of my mom. I think peace and contentment are synonymous with Precious Moments.

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