1975 – surrounded by her family
Louise Blumenstein
1900 – 1982

Prudence: Wisdom in practical affairs; care in providing for the future

Proverbs 8:12
I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.

Don’t you just love that proverb? (although there should probably be a couple of commas surrounding the word “wisdom”) How many witty inventions have you discovered recently?

In 1975, Sister Barbara Smith taught, “If we are to succeed in . . . family preparedness, it is necessary for women to develop the qualities of industry, thrift, independence, work, and prudence—qualities which, if applied, will help to fortify individuals and families with a secure feeling of self-reliance against the day of need.”

Although I never met Grandma Pulley, I am positive she exemplified these characteristics. She passed them down to her children, who passed them down to their children, and I hope succeeding generations remember the importance of developing practical skills and preparing for the future.

There’s her couch and coffee table!
1988 Christmas Eve

Because she died right around the time we were engaged, we inherited many of her household items, including her couches, tables and vacuum. Every time I vacuumed I would remember her and be grateful. While these items were eventually replaced, I appreciate that even looking at their replacements helps me remember what I learned about Grandma and her Christlike attributes.

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