Today I am thankful for family togetherness, and specifically family hikes and adventures. That’s one of the things we like to do on Saturdays, and I realized this week I never wrote about the first family hike we took with the next generation. Actually Baby WOW slept through the whole experience, but we did get a picture of him with his eyes open, and wearing his dad’s visor, before we left for the trailhead. It was a gorgeous day all around – gorgeous weather, gorgeous views, gorgeous company!

Once the hike was over, we figured we should take one final picture of all the girls. This is what happens when you expect something to be sturdy and it isn’t. Everyone loses their balance.

So we tried the pose a second time.The boys only needed one shot.We worked up an appetite so everyone was ready to try out some new Dutch oven equipment and introduce the new daughters-in-law to Dad’s Special Chicken Wings (although we used drumsticks), followed by a yummy cobbler and visiting around the fire.

I imagine that as the years go by the list of family gatherings to be thankful for will continue to grow and grow.