Today I am grateful for my sons’ in-laws. And not just the parents, but the brothers and sisters and their spouses and children. I don’t know why, but until a couple of years ago (when our oldest got married), it never dawned on me that when I received a daughter-in-law, her family would also become a part of mine. I think that’s actually the best part of the whole wedding scenario – meeting and getting to know such fantastic people. I am amazed at the incredible individuals my grandchildren will be able to call family. I am thankful that in their wives’ fathers and brothers my sons have excellent role models to follow. It’s comforting to know that other families have worked hard to teach their children correct principles and that they’re seeing success. We’re glad we don’t live in a society where marriages are arranged; our sons did a much better job on their own than we ever could have done. (And we have great faith that the remaining sons and daughters will follow in those footsteps.) It’s nice to know that when our kids can’t be home for Thanksgiving, they can still be home for Thanksgiving.