Today I am thankful for the Scouting program. More particularly, today I am thankful that the last of five Eagle projects is totally completed! (This has been hanging over Steven’s head for a good three years, which means it’s been hanging over my head as well. The paperwork that’s left to do before he can have his board of review is the easy part.) It doesn’t seem quite fair that after helping four older brothers with their projects, none of them were around to help him, but he managed anyway, and I’m sure they’d love to participate vicariously, so here you go —Actually, the hardest part of the whole project was finding one to do, and even more importantly, finding one where the materials were supplied. Steven inherited his dislike of soliciting donations from his mother. Finally he thought to ask the elementary school that our high school’s Spanish Honor Society has “adopted” to see if they had any projects that needed doing. They did! And they were thrilled that someone wanted to help. The project included weeding their “reading garden,” laying some pavers where the kids take shortcuts across the dirt, and pulling out dead bushes and spreading mulch over the whole area. The first work day was dedicated to weeding everything, and straightening the existing edging that had tipped over.The second day was paver and mulch day.Everything looks much nicer now. He did a good job 🙂And someday soon, he can join the ranks of his older brothers. Do you think we’ll ever have a chance to get a picture of all five of them in uniform again? (Most of these pictures were taken at Brad’s court of honor, but there’s one of Weston’s – where Steven was a brand-new Cub Scout – and one at Jeff’s with our four Eagle sons.)