Today I am thankful for the Young Women program. I’m grateful for the impact it had on my life when I was a teenager, and I’m even more grateful for the impact it’s having on my daughter’s life. She has wonderful leaders. They love her and care about her and exemplify good values for her (and all of the other girls as well). This week they had their Young Women in Excellence program, and once again they outdid themselves. The theme was “Black and White” and we were all encouraged to come wearing black and white. Everybody did! That was kind of cool.

The girls set up display boards, choosing one of their value projects to highlight. Michelle was excited to share her cross-stitch of the Salt Lake Temple, and she was in her element designing the poster to go along with it. (She found the perfect use for the eight value ribbons she earned by completing Personal Progress earlier this year – as a border for her cross-stitch.)

Everyone else’s boards were terrific as well. Some of the projects included compiling a recipe book (and learning how to cook), playing soccer, finding family history stories, working in the Bishop’s Storehouse, and collecting uplifting quotes. These girls are amazing.
Oh, and the guest speaker reminded us that we get into trouble when we stray into gray areas. Living the gospel is a black and white proposition: Christ’s way is “white” and Satan’s way is “black” – and you can’t do both. I’m thankful we have lots of help and support as we strive to keep out of the gray areas.