It’s been a few years since I’ve done a “Happy Birthday, Princess” post – the last one is here, with links to all the previous ones – but we need to properly honor this milestone birthday. I thought I’d do that by sharing 25 of my favorite memories of you through the years. Here you go!

1 – The really cute BYU outfit your aunt sent you, that then got ruined when I turned my back and you slipped on the oil leak pan in the garage.
2 – Taking a picture of you at 8 months, because my mom took a picture of me at 8 months.
3 – The “princess” dress your grandmother sewed for you.
4 – Being so excited to start Joy School, and super proud of the gingerbread man you created your first day.
5 – More creativity – this time a graham cracker house – but I really love this picture because it shows what you would have worn every single day at that age if I would have allowed it – the mismatched red, white & blue shirt with the pink and yellow pants.

Birthday #5

6 – First day of 1st grade – the youngest in your class because you started school in California and not Florida.
7 – A Halloween costumed designed by you, a typical occurence each year.
8 – Saturdays at the soccer field (and weekday practices as well).
9 – Stuffed animal collection!
10 – A “get well” card (which I don’t have a picture of) that you made for me one day when I was sick.

Birthday #10

11 – You and your best friend got matching hats on a school field trip.
12 – You saved your money and proved you could be responsible, and finally, finally, got a pet!
13 – More creativity – this time an “edible cell” for biology.
14 – Being willing to stand out and be different by adding sleeves to your dress for chorus.
15 – Reading all twenty books and participating on the “Battle of the Books” team.

Birthday #15

16 – Working together to make your History Day project awesome.
17 – Accepting the challenge your dad made to earn your Personal Progress award three times.
18 – Dropping you off at college.
19 – Summer trips to the beach, and more sewing and crafting projects.
20 – A willing helper when it came time to paint the house.

Birthday #20

21 – Christmas breaks at home.
22 – Coming home to create and sew a wedding dress together.
23 – Visiting the Art Deco district in Miami – twice!
24 – Completing a goal – graduation from Brigham Young University.
25 – A cross-country road trip with just the two of us to get your car from Florida to Utah.

So many memories, and this is just a small fraction of them. Imagine what the next 25 years will bring! I’m looking forward to watching them unfold. In the meantime, have a most wonderful Happy Birthday!!

Almost age 25!

Did you notice the progression of cakes? After a few years, Michelle decided she didn’t really care for cake, so we tried cookie cakes, cream puff towers, and ice cream cakes instead. Who says that a birthday cake has to be made out of cake??