Any idea what this one is?

I had heard of dragon fruit, but I’ve never heard of this one – rambutan. Once again, it’s a good thing they come with instructions on the package; however, I discovered that it’s easier to cut “pole to pole” than “around the equator” because then you cut where the fruit is attached to the peel and it’s easier to get out.

This is a very mild fruit, with the texture and taste of a peeled grape. As the package warns (although in fine print that I didn’t notice until I went looking for it), there is a pit inside. I haven’t figured out whether it’s easier to try cutting it out (which mangles the edible part) or eating it whole and spitting out the pit. Any experts in blogland who might know?

As I was exploring with rambutan I realized this fruit is like the Polish nesting eggs Wayne brought home from a trip years ago and that our grandsons enjoy playing with when they visit. What do you think?

What tropical surprise will I find next month????