While going through boxes a while ago, I found this gem of a writing assignment and thought it would be fun to share as a way to celebrate Easter this year. Hope you enjoy it!

Once upon a time there was a bunny. He was white and gray. He had red eyes. He was lonley [lonely]. He had no kids. Nobody would share carrots with him. One night he saw a wishing star. He wished that he could be the Easter bunny. Then a fairy came and said, “If you can be nice for four days, I will make you the Easter bunny. If not, you will not see me ever agian [again].” So the bunny was being as nice as he could. Then the end of the four days came. Then he was the Easter bunny. THE END

written by David, age 8

Dear Easter Bunny,
Please bring me some rasing [racing] roller blades and some candy bars, chocolate bunny and some jellybeans. Thank you for the candy you gave me last year. My brothers would like some jellybeans and chocolate bunnys [bunnies] and candy bars. My Dad would like lots of jellybeans, two chocolate bunnys and three candy bars. My Mom would like some jellybeans, one candy bar, one chocolate bunny. Jeff would want a car, so will Brad and so will I. Weston would want a mini football.
Love, David

Dear David,
Nice letter. Who do you think I am, Santa Claus? I hope you like candy instead. Ask your dad to share some chocolate eggs. He’s too fat anyway.
Love, Easter Bunny

I think it’s wonderful that he included his brothers in his request to the Easter Bunny! Wanting to share with others is a character trait that he developed early in life.

Easter 1993

The Easter Bunny may not have brought racing roller blades, but it looks like he did bring a little horseshoe game. That’s more than just jellybeans!

And since Easter also happens to be on April Fool’s Day this year, I thought you’d enjoy another fun memory from David (and Brad) as teenagers – 1 April 2003.