After our delicious lunch, we separated. Weston’s family went home for naps and packing, and we took a self-guided driving tour of Lancaster County. It was a beautiful day for a drive, and although we ran into a couple of detours, and had a few missed turns, since that was kind of the point of our plan, we really enjoyed our little adventure.

The idea was to follow the route on this website. However, since we didn’t print anything out ahead of time, and since we weren’t starting from the beginning, and since it’s difficult to see details on the tiny phone screen, we didn’t follow it exactly.

I also thought it would be fun to see a few covered bridges – see this website – so added some side trips to try and find them. The first bridge we found was Keller’s Mill Bridge, also known as the White Bridge, although many of them are white. Most of them also have “mill” in their name. I guess that’s indicative of their origin. This one was between Akron and Rothsville. We did stop briefly, and there was a sign, but it also didn’t feel necessarily safe being on a skinny shoulder.

The  next ones, Forry Mill and Siegrist Mill, are not far from each other, just off route 23 between Marietta and Centerville. It’s hard to photograph from a moving car, but I tried anyway.

Kurtz Mill Covered Bridge is located in a county park, so we took advantage of a parking area nearby to stop and spend a little bit of time exploring.

I would have been disappointed to leave Lancaster County without seeing an Amish buggy, but fortunately, we did see a couple.

It’s a beautiful country and I’d love to go back some day!