We’ve been hard at work preparing for Temple #2 in Florida – the Fort Lauderdale Temple in Davie. Last week we were able to have a final committee meeting on the temple grounds and tour the inside. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Our favorite detail was the tile work under the baptismal font. I guess you’ll have to wait for the church to publish a picture of that. Found it here!

We also loved the desks in the President’s and Matron’s offices. Wayne says they make it look like we bought our new desk – which I still absolutely love – at Goodwill. (I don’t quite agree, but they are definitely beautiful desks!) The offices aren’t on the public tour route; I guess if you ever want to see them, you’ll need to make an appointment with President or Sister Boggess.

We could take pictures outside, so that’s what you get today.

Here’s the field for parking, and then the “welcome” tents where the short video will be shown before starting the tour.

You can see the storm was rolling in as we gathered to start the meeting. We tested the tents (or at least one of them) and they work just fine at keeping you dry from the rain outside.
After leaving the tents, it’s a short walk to the temple, where you go past the main entrance and in the baptistry door.

The tour ends by using what will really be an emergency exit, but for the next few weeks, it will lead guests right to the exit reception tent where the sister missionaries will be available to answer any questions they might have.

All temples are gorgeous, but this one will have special meaning for us. It’s a small temple, and it may feel like we’ve outgrown it before it even opens, but that just makes it feel more intimate and holy.

The view from the freeway

For the next five or six weeks, this is going to be an almost daily sight. Isn’t it nice that it’s so beautiful?