Time for another recipe from the Columbia Restaurant Cookbook! This one started with a 6 pound slab of beef brisket. That’s a pretty big piece of meat!
It was too big to fit in the pan, so we chopped off a piece (and added it on top).
We were surprised to see blue when we removed the lid the first time. Blue is not a normal color for food! However, after some research I learned that it can be a common result of combining garlic and vinegar. Who knew? Since there was no vinegar in this recipe, that was a little confusing, until we figured out the cooking burgundy we used had been sitting in the cupboard and had fermented.
After cooking it for a while, we removed the beef, pureed the broth to turn it into a gravy, and enjoyed a delicious dinner.
Chopping some leftover pieces into a salad made a great sandwich!