This morning as I was preparing yet another school lunch, I realized that’s been on the early-hours routine for a long time now! And the menu hasn’t changed much either – sandwich, chips, fruit, cookies. Michelle took a Capri Sun, Steven has a water bottle he refills in the cafeteria. My silly youngest kids think store-bought cookies are better than homemade (which go “stale” an hour after they’ve been baked) so they wanted Chips Ahoy and not any of Jeff’s “last batch” (which is fine with Jeff)!
The menu hasn’t changed much since I went to high school either. Although 90% of the time I brought lunch from home, my “flashback” for today was remembering the occasional burrito or churro I bought 30 years ago. Our kids also have the option to buy lunch at the cafeteria once a week or so, but apparently it’s not worth the hassle to stand in line! They’d rather have the time to eat. So, they’re stuck with the same predictable menu.
Maybe it’s time for a change!

11,000 bag lunches DONE – 1,000 to go!!!